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V&A virtual collection

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Follow this unwieldy link to the V&A collection of knitted crafts. An extraordinary collection and worth checking out:

The 16th century gloves knit in red silk and silver caught my imagination.


Knitting Geekdom: Old School PDFs

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The American Red Cross Museum has PDFs on its website of WWII patterns. The PDFs are scans of original patterns, so not only are the patterns old and nifty, I love the typewriter formatting and hand scrawled pencil markings in the margins. Check it out:

Fiddlehead Mittens or How I-Cords Changed My Knitting

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I finished a pair of Fiddlehead Mittens that I am very proud of:


If you are on Ravelry, I encourage you to cruise through the photo gallery of all the finished Fiddlehead Mittens out there and enjoy the beautiful range of colors and variations that are possible with this pattern.


The I-cord cast on technique was new for me and it has forever changed my knitting.  I’m smitten.

Tricoteuses Sans Frontieres/Knitters Without Borders

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It is now 2009.  I hope all of my many readers were inspired to generously donate to Wikipedia per my last post. Thank you for your donations. Thank you for valuing free access to information (for those who have access to a computer). Thank you for valuing the opportunity for all people, regardless of education and any other credentials, to make meaningful contributions to information and knowledge.

And on that note, I recently came across Tricoteuses San Frontieres/Knitters Without Borders, a donation program to Doctors Without Borders. Take a look and take a moment to do your part:

Tricoteuses Sans Frontières

ADD Holiday Knitting

In Uncategorized on December 5, 2008 at 6:44 pm

Although I have other projects in my queue, knitting at the holidays turns me into a seriously ADD knitter. So I started the Alsace le Monstre hats for a family of four and had difficulty with the horns. Feeling thwarted, I decided to embark on Aran Isle Slippers for some friends.

But of course, what I really want to knit is Eunny Jang’s Delft Pillow for myself.


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Finished clapotis

Finished clapotis

Toothless Wonder

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angelic-frodo2Hi Everyone,

I am writing to ask you to help my wonderful girlfriend and her cat Frodo. Frodo has a painful gum disease and will need a $1500 surgery in January to remove almost all his teeth. His condition is worsening so we can’t wait any longer.

How can you help?
My company, Paula’s Choice, is having an employee contest to see who can get friends and family to place the most orders, and any money I win will go toward Frodo’s surgery and vet bills. The contest starts today and runs until December 10.

If 15 people order I get a $1000 prize…and if 20 peeps order I get $2000!

So you can purchase some great skin care and makeup for yourself and help a very lovable cat at the same time.

There’s only one requirement, you have to use the link in this email to order so that I get credit for the order. There is no minimum order amount (they can be small orders, but you can’t just order samples, that won’t count).

Here’s the link:

Feel free to send this link to anyone else you think might be interested in ordering Paula’s Choice products and helping Frodo!


Ann, Naodiva and Frodo the Orange Cat

Please use this link to shop:

The clap continues

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The clapotis knitting seems to be indefinite. This pattern is brilliant, however I’ve discovered that scarf knitting is not satisfying. Too much back and forth, not enough end product. I’m going back to hats and sweaters.

Christina (intended recipient of the clap) has a birthday coming up this weekend. Three skeins in to this scarf, I’m almost done. If I can throw one more wad of blue yarn at it between now and Saturday, it will be a success.

And then I will never knit with pale blue yarn again. At least, not for a while.


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I just discovered little green’s Roman Sock blog!!! If you haven’t visited before, I warn you: it’s Cute Overload 🙂 , the crocheted version.* The tutorial on brushed crochet is just the thing I need for my stuffed Frodo project. I’ll try it out on knitting rather than crochet and see how it goes!

*I am a huge Cute Overload 🙂 fan.   It’s true. LOLcats, too.

Design of the times…

In Uncategorized on October 31, 2008 at 3:54 pm

I am in the process of designing a pattern for a stuffed animal of Frodo, the printing cat (actual stuffed animal will not come with real printing action).  If you’d like to track Frodo’s progress, visit my Ravelry projects.  Focusing my attention on this project has been a welcome distraction from the research paper I’ve been trying to write for three years.

Gedifra’s Tecno Hair is the perfect yarn for this project. It captures the length, softness and that “just woke up” look cats strive to achieve. “Gedifra has pumped out Tecno Hair yarns for ages,” I thought to myself, “it will be perfect.”

And, with those magical words, Gedifra discontinued it’s Tecno Hair line.

If anyone out there has alternate suggestions, I welcome your thoughts. Until then, methinks my budding design career in knitted items will be on hold.  I will resume knitting for pleasure, for myself and all unsuspecting friends and relatives.