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Finished clapotis

Finished clapotis


Toothless Wonder

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angelic-frodo2Hi Everyone,

I am writing to ask you to help my wonderful girlfriend and her cat Frodo. Frodo has a painful gum disease and will need a $1500 surgery in January to remove almost all his teeth. His condition is worsening so we can’t wait any longer.

How can you help?
My company, Paula’s Choice, is having an employee contest to see who can get friends and family to place the most orders, and any money I win will go toward Frodo’s surgery and vet bills. The contest starts today and runs until December 10.

If 15 people order I get a $1000 prize…and if 20 peeps order I get $2000!

So you can purchase some great skin care and makeup for yourself and help a very lovable cat at the same time.

There’s only one requirement, you have to use the link in this email to order so that I get credit for the order. There is no minimum order amount (they can be small orders, but you can’t just order samples, that won’t count).

Here’s the link:

Feel free to send this link to anyone else you think might be interested in ordering Paula’s Choice products and helping Frodo!


Ann, Naodiva and Frodo the Orange Cat

Please use this link to shop:

The clap continues

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The clapotis knitting seems to be indefinite. This pattern is brilliant, however I’ve discovered that scarf knitting is not satisfying. Too much back and forth, not enough end product. I’m going back to hats and sweaters.

Christina (intended recipient of the clap) has a birthday coming up this weekend. Three skeins in to this scarf, I’m almost done. If I can throw one more wad of blue yarn at it between now and Saturday, it will be a success.

And then I will never knit with pale blue yarn again. At least, not for a while.


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I just discovered little green’s Roman Sock blog!!! If you haven’t visited before, I warn you: it’s Cute Overload 🙂 , the crocheted version.* The tutorial on brushed crochet is just the thing I need for my stuffed Frodo project. I’ll try it out on knitting rather than crochet and see how it goes!

*I am a huge Cute Overload 🙂 fan.   It’s true. LOLcats, too.