Feeling froggy

In layered skater's undertop, ripping, sweater on July 18, 2008 at 6:38 pm

Apparently I didn’t read the pattern too carefully. After a careful stitch count I had 10 too many on the needles. I’ll be ripping out a good 18 or so rows this afternoon. Keeps me spry, I suppose.

Another presenting dilemma: Veronik’s pattern has a M1-Right slanting and M1-Left slanting. Although I’ve knit for the past seven years, I have much to learn. Too, I confess I’ve been lazy and have left gaps in this sweater project and prior endeavors where I could have sought out other solutions. I mis-read the (exquisitely clear) instructions in this sweater pattern and left gaps in my newly made right leaning stitches.

Since I’m already yanking out 18 rows, what’s another 40 rows or so? To frog or not to frog: is it a matter of pride? laziness? Are we knitters willing to live with our mistakes, wear them and stick our fingers through them fondly as a reminder of lessons learned? Or do we yank them out and work the yarn again as a means to refine the imperfections in our sweaters and our characters? Ultimately our hand created products are as much a result of our unfolding personhood as they are little bits of functional art.

I left mistakes in the last one. Gleaming, ripe mistakes for the noticing. I’ll let you know about this round.


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